Sunday, March 18, 2018


The pre-literary history man learned thousands of years ago that it was a good and crucial idea to eat meat that was cooked, rather than raw. Ever since then, the human race has gone gaga, applying that same cooking idea to all foods. You can have a high quantity of a good thing! Except for a salad, most people eat no or very little raw food. In recent years, the focus on healthy eating and reduction in the chances of contracting diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and even strokes has thrown the focus of people on raw foods.

What we’re discussing here is eating fruit, vegetables, and nuts that taste good just as Nature intended them: in their raw state. That is a notable change for most people, so to adjust to that change, we need to know and understand exactly why we should do it. You need to know why your raw food diet is good for you more than some cooked food.

1. Foods that have a higher nutritional value when they are raw tend to reduce their nutritional values when cooked. Cooking food destroys vitamins, protein, and fat.  Cooking even breaks down the enzymes which are naturally in the foods and would help you digest them easily.

2. You will be fuller more quickly while eating raw foods because they have a high content of water and more fiber and so fill you up more successfully. Your hunger will be satisfied, so you can eat less on the raw food diet and that is one 
good reason why people find the raw food diet helpful for them to lose weight.

3. Most raw foods are more flavorsome than cooked food. That means that there is less need to add flavorings like salt, spice, etc, all of which flavorings can irritate your stomach and other parts of the digestive system and will be too stimulating for internal organs like the liver, which valiantly struggles to detoxify the body of all these seasonings which it sees as a serious toxic.

4. The raw food diet is so low in maintenance! People that hate to spend hours in the kitchen preparing food will easily love the simplicity of the raw food diet. You can also involve your children in the preparation of raw food; that way, they are more likely to eat it! That gives you a break and builds the child’s self-esteem.

5. You can never burn your fingers, mouths, tongues, lips, etc with raw food! Also, you will not burn your house down in a kitchen fire because you won’t be cooking much!

6. There is less cleaning up of your kitchen after making a raw food meal. You can put any leftovers on the compost heap and give back to nature, and you won’t have any greasy dishes with baked-on food to deal with.

7. All raw food diet is great for our overall health and has even been shown to have a positive effect on chronic severe diseases like cancer and even heart disease. This is because with a raw food diet one does not have the problems caused by free radicals which are created in the cooking process of our foods. Fewer free radicals mean less risk of cancer.

8. A raw food diet is very rich in nutrients and so gives you great natural protection against common illnesses like colds and flu and even less common illnesses such as measles. Raw food helps to keep your body fit and all your vital organs actively working well. You are also less likely to suffer from digestive disorders like gas, heartburn, constipation, and indigestion.

9. The raw food diet is environmentally friendly. It highly encourages organic farming and we would use fewer energy resources because we wouldn’t be cooking the food or transporting it as far as we do now. Emissions of carbon dioxide would be highly reduced and there would have to be new orchards planted all around our homes to keep up with the demand for fresh fruit. This would release more oxygen into the air and would help to reduce the Greenhouse Effect.

10. The raw food diet will enable you to save money from cooking foods. You will not only save money from food bills but also from energy bills, and also stoves, pots, pans – and medical bills!

Raw food diet is a great way to save your body, save your money, and save the planet at lar

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