Sunday, April 1, 2018

3 Simple Keys To Getting Rid Of Fear

There is no other way to put it than that fear is your enemy. I'm not referring to the instinctive, adrenaline-fueled action that occurs when a wild animal approaches you in order to save your life. I'm referring to the constant fears people have.

Your opponent is afraid. Fear has been compared to "sand in the mechanism of existence" by someone. You can't help but be hampered by fear. Fear can only keep you in the corridor; it cannot get you through an open door.Fear keeps both of your feet firmly planted on the ground and never enables you to put out your best effort.

Embrace your anxieties, learn to live with them, and accept that everyone experiences fears; it's all part of modern psychology.

It is true that many people do experience fear. Additionally, there are many who are attempting to learn how to embrace and live with their phobias.

But if having fear is "natural," why does the Bible mention being freed from all your fears?

Consider this: if it were usual to have fears and you didn't, it would make you odd, wouldn't it? Then again, why would God want you to be strange?

He refuses. He genuinely wants you to overcome all of your anxieties.

Fear has many different faces and components. One of the major ones is worrying about what other people will think of you. People worry about what other people will think, which causes them to do, say, and even purchase certain things.

People frequently join clubs or groups out of fear that if they don't, others will judge them negatively.

People speak and behave in specific ways because they are concerned that they may not say the appropriate thing in front of the appropriate audience.

People buy things out of a fear of falling short of others around them. It keeps going on and on.

You are not required to experience fear. Here are three quick tips for overcoming fear.

To begin with, acknowledge that God genuinely and unconditionally loves you. Nothing, according to the Bible, can keep you from God's love. Nothing. His affection for you never wavers.

Second, pray to God for assistance in overcoming all of your worries. He has assured you that he will free you from all your worries. That is what he wants for you—a life free from fear.

Third, decide what is best for you, not what may or may not be seen as best by others. Stop attempting to please everyone; you can never, ever do so. Stop attempting to be right in everyone's eyes because you will never, ever be.

Ask yourself, "Why am I making this decision?" whenever you make a choice. Is it motivated by fear? Whatever others may think, base your decisions on what is good and beneficial for you.

Living without fear is possible.

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