Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A Google Adsense Addiction

Of all Google Adsense publishers, 54% admit to being dependent on click revenue. According to a recent online survey of a small number of Google Publishers, 54 percent of all Adsense publishers are dependent on Google's Pay Per Click system.

Some Google Adsense publishers require counseling.

It was also discovered that some publishers had become so dependent on checking their Adsense data that they were doing so up to 50 times each day.

Owners of websites with lots of material can make money through the Google Adsense program by integrating small, targeted ads into their website's content.

The advertisements can be tailored to complement the website's design, and some successful publishers can make more than $200,000 every month.

One publisher claimed that the day she added the Adsense code to her HTML code was the day her addiction began. I learned about Adsense through my partner, who earns about $1,000 per month. She continued by saying that she doesn't blame Google for her addiction but that she was motivated to keep adding pages and reviewing her stats by the mania with which blogs and forums promote the idea that anyone can become wealthy with this scheme.

Kate did mention that she was making a respectable income from Google Adsense, but she also admitted to spending a sizeable sum of money on scripts, ebooks, and promises of learning everything there is to know about Adsense from forum gurus who claimed they would reveal their secrets in exchange for a $97 PayPal deposit.

51 Days from Rags to Riches

A second publisher I met with claimed that his addiction had made him extremely wealthy in just 51 days. On October 15 of last year, when I was perusing the internet, I came across a page with a picture of a man holding a Google check for about $200,000 on it. It was noted below the image that this was merely a one-month compensation check from Google. "I thought as lights and bells began to flash in my head."

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David had been experimenting with internet money-making methods for around six years, but he had not yet had much success. But he did have three websites that had thousands of visitors each, and after reading everything he could about the subject, David put two tiny Adsense adverts on each of his websites' 1,000 pages. "I had a restless night. I spent the entire night checking my analytics since I was so excited, "explained he. David checked his final figures just before he decided to call it a night. "I almost fell off at exactly 5.50 am.

my seat. There were 1000 impressions, 98 clicks, and total revenue of $18. My income increased to nearly $58 for the day as I checked my numbers every 15 minutes and couldn't fall asleep that night. I was dependent on it, and I wasn't going to miss a minute of the plan that was going to make me wealthy, "explained David.

In just 51 days, David had increased the $32 in his bank account to almost $6,700. He had spent more than 612 hours during those 51 days optimizing his sites and creating content. He had checked his metrics on average 60 times daily. Like Kate, David acknowledged that he had spent a significant portion of his earnings on "how-to" books, but he insisted that the money had been wisely spent.

Kate admitted to me, "I'm addicted to Google Adsense, but what greater addiction could you have than making money doing what you love?"

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