Sunday, April 1, 2018

Adjusting Your Diabetic Diet For Special Occasions

Holidays and special occasions with a strong culinary component include Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and birthday celebrations. Most individuals look forward to the festivities and the food during these times. It can be challenging to enjoy all the excellent food when you have diabetes because much of it isn't prepared with you in mind. You can modify your diet for special occasions so that you can indulge in some of the goodies offered, provided that the frequency of these events is not too frequent.

When preparing for a special occasion, the hardest aspect is not knowing what will be served. If so, you can quickly call your host or hostess to let them know.

The majority of people won't object if you ask, especially if you have dietary requirements that must be taken into account. Plan your meals for that day once you are aware of what will be served. To make up for the extra carbohydrates you will consume at a birthday party where pizza is being provided, you might wish to consume fewer carbohydrates with your breakfast and snack.

Offer to bring a meal for everyone to share as another alternative for special occasions.

Make sure it adheres to the rules of your diabetes diet while remaining something you enjoy as a treat.

Be inventive and explore ways to make family favorites and rituals with less sugar or fat. You can achieve this by choosing whole wheat flour over white flour since it has more fiber or by switching from sugar alternatives to genuine sugar.

Keep a tight eye on your blood sugar levels over the holidays and other special occasions. Even with great caution, the diet shift could still lead to excessively high or too low blood sugar levels.

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