Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A Note From Women To Men: Get Your Own Skin Cere Stuffs!

Have you ever gone to wash your face only to find that your favorite moisturizer is almost all gone? This could indicate that your significant other has begun using your skin care products once more.

Although a man's skin may have a similar basic structure to a woman's, it has several distinctive qualities that make it dangerous to share facial creams. For instance, while aging symptoms manifest in men's skin similarly to those that do in women's, they don't always occur over the same period of time.

Men's skin is also thicker than women's, making it tougher and somewhat more resilient. Further, the oil glands in men's skin create more oil than women's, providing males with more "natural" wetness.

Because of distinctions such as these, it's apparent that men and women have different health demands for their skin. Unfortunately, though, men's skin care products have been limited until lately.

As more guys get driven to feel and look their best, more products that are created exclusively for men's skin care needs are hitting retailers' shelves. In particular, L'Oreal, one of the leaders in

technology-driven skin care products have produced Men's Expert, the first anti-aging brand on the mass retail market for men.

Men's Expert products contain what L'Oreal calls an "Active Defense System," or ADS, which is a potent blend of active substances that strengthen the skin's resistance and help protect it against shaving irritation.

The Men's Expert line includes products such as Power Clean, a face wash that deep-cleans skin without drying it out; Oil Controller, an anti-shine moisturizer that zaps away oil, soothes razor burn and is designed for teenagers and young adults; and Vita Lift, an anti-wrinkle and firming moisturizer that recoups elasticity for men in their late 40s.


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